• The first secret to waking up feeling like you truly are ready to conquer your day is to have a fabulous night’s sleep the night before. Most adults need 7-8 hours of solid sleep to feel alive and awake the next day, however most of us typically get 4-6 hours of sleep often relying on coffee or other caffeinated beverages to get our brains fired up and our bodies moving.

For many of us the caffeine creates another problem keeping us from falling asleep, or sleeping soundly, so we perpetuate the cycle. Sleep and sleep quality are a whole other issue so I’ll tackle that one at another time. Bottom line, get your sleep.

  • Tip #2 is to eat a healthful and nutritious diet. What does that mean exactly? Eat your veggies and fruit. I promise you there will be a whole new life experience for you if you get your veggies and fruits in everyday. If you don’t eat much of these foods already this is going to sound like a lot…how many servings? 7-10. Yeah for real, 7-10 servings per day. Work your way up to it. Add one more serving a day than you’re getting now (I know for some of you that may mean 1 serving and truly that’s ok. We have to start somewhere.)

Are you one of those people who reads the 10 tips lists, or whatever length they are, and pick and choose which Tip you’re going to incorporate and you choose what you perceive to be the easy ones?

  • Tip #3? Actually implement Tips #1 and #2. Yeah, today. Come on, what have you got to lose? Need help with your implementation plan?
  • Here’s Tip #4…get help. I’m here for you and if you’re not into my style I know people. Seriously, I know people and they’re not food or fitness Nazis (which I’m not either, and BTW no disparaging intent towards Nazis}, but sometimes you need someone to kick your friggin’ butt in gear. I myself do from time to time and I’m actually into this stuff so it’s really ok to ask for help.
  • And finally,
    Tip #5...I don’t know, what do you think this Tip should be? What is that one thing that would get your butt into action? You tell me cuz I know I can talk about this until you’re blue in the face (Jeez I really hope it doesn’t come to that), but what would it really take for you to move toward a healthier lifestyle? I’m not even asking for a healthy lifestyle, just a healthier lifestyle.
    Come with me. Now’s the time. Let’s talk!

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